Before Long :
  a traveling exhibition between  virtual, physical and demented reality 

BANALITY: art is a banana... Oops... pardon me , it is a  bunch of bullshit 
Bla bla bla ......That exhibition  is something disgusting and Banality bla bala boooh out of this word and ,and bla bla bla  must be fantastic and clever, superb and bla bla  bla
  bla, bewitching bla bthe most intoxicating bla booh release from bla bla bal the conformity beauty, bla bla ,eye-catching remarkable an disgusting  of the media bla bla bba a world.

The exhibition  "Banality: art is a Banana... oops, pardon me , it is a bunch of bullshit" , is intentional to be easy  approachable, the works is purposely meaningless but only mock , there is no right or wrong interpretation. 
“There is an aesthetic of familiarity, a sedative of banality which dulls the senses and hides the wonder of existence”